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Rachael Jones' goal in life is to be a well-respected mental health licensed professional counselor and touch lives thru her work. She hopes to build integrity by immersing herself in her studies and multiple internships. By creating this website she intends to use her natural creative ability to reach out to those who want their stories to be heard and to share a piece of herself through her blog with her readers.

She is 25 years old and a current counseling graduate student at Regis University. Rachael graduated from the University of North Texas with a bachelor of arts in Broadcast Journalism and Psychology. Rachael also works currently in the mental health field as a clinician. One of her best friends is definitely her little sister, Abi. She has a passion for people, the environment, animals, social justice, education, and a strong faith as a mystical Christian. She would say her biggest influences are her family and friends. She doesn't know where or who she would be without them.

"Building onto my professional career is always going to be the end goal. You can never stop learning and I am excited for all the opportunities this vast world has to offer me. Loving people well and caring for others will always be a priority of mine. Love is the center of the universe." -Rachael Jones

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