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Corona Virus social distancing: 10 ways to cope and stay busy indoors


Hi friends!

First off, I want to welcome you all to my new improved blog and website I'll also be adding and editing my old blog posts to add here newly improved. I want this to be a place of growth, happiness, and truthfulness for all of us. I want to spread joy by sharing my tips, tricks, and the lessons I learn throughout this beautiful life.

Now, to transition to a more serious note...

I wanted to address the global pandemic, the Corona Virus, which has caused lots of fear and anxiety for many people all around the world. I know some of you may be thinking it's an overreaction, but there are many people who are scared of what's happening in the world. It's important to practice healthy social distancing. We should make sure we are all being aware of how certain situations affect other people more than others. I know to some of you it seems like a big overreaction, but there are precautions set by the World Health Organization to protect the majority of people from getting sick.

They are taking these precautions to prevent further spread from happening around the world. Also, you must think if one young person gets sick, while they can more easily fight off the virus and recover, their grandmother they are around could get the virus and not survive.

All I am asking is to practice healthy social distancing and try not to go out if you don't have to for work or survival like grocery shopping or other necessary life things.

Moving on let's discuss how this pandemic can be a positive thing, how we can cope and get stuff done all while practicing healthy social distancing.

1. Stay busy

You want to make sure you're not just being lazy all day long and staying on top of your school or work so you don't get behind just because your class is canceled or work is now from home. Stay on top of it so you feel like you're still doing stuff and not stuck inside. Spice it up, work downstairs by the window or in your favorite blue chair in the living room.

2. Continue to be connected

Keep checking in with your friends and family every day. Text, call, facetime, or skype them! Stay connected in their lives and make sure you talk them daily so you never feel isolated or lonely. It's good to have a healthy social life.

3. Stay fit

Incorporate light exercise throughout your daily routine at home. It will help you feel good and healthy to stay moving throughout the day. Make sure to stretch throughout the day when sitting for long periods of time. Yoga or a few reps of pilates is still better than nothing!

4. Be Informed

Make sure you're staying up to date with credible sources on what's going around you, but also do still limit media intake since it is everywhere right now, and too much of anything is not good for you. You don't want to over educate yourself and have it on your mind 24/7. Stay informed and be safe, but also relax and switch the news to Netflix to watch a good flick.

5. Be calm

Now more than ever we must have faith that God will take care of our world no matter what happens to it. We must have faith in our doctors and scientists to figure out how to face and fix this coronavirus outbreak. Just make sure to take one hour out of the day to do something that eases or distracts your mind. Art is something that helps me for others it could be snuggling up in bed to a good book.

6. Eat Healthily

At times like this when people are trying to stay healthy and not get sick, it's good to make sure you are feeding the body things that will make your body feel good. High protein and vitamin foods will make you have the most energy and feel the best. I know eating healthy can be expensive, so do your best with what you have. Fruit and veggies are so good for you and cheaper!

7. Do something fun

Even if you are stuck at home, you can still have fun with it! Have a photoshoot with your bestie and dress up for different decades. Have a game night with your roomies. Whatever it is, just add some light to your day, giggle a lot and smile a lot.

8. Find a new hobby

Try something new out and see if it sticks. I personally want to start a garden and learn how to knit so it's something I am considering with all this extra time. Try to learn a new language or journaling.

9. Spend time with yourself

Take this time to reflect on where you are in your life spiritually, at work, at school, or anywhere in your life. Do you want to grow in one part more than another? Are you happy where you are in life? Is it time to make a change? Use this time to make changes that will make your life better and make you happier.


I know this one almost sounds obvious, but use this time to deep clean and clean those spots that don't always get a lot of love throughout the month. Put on your favorite cleaning list or background tv show and get to work with that Lysol. Also, wash your hands more frequently too! Cleaning also is very stress relieving to me!

I hope these things help all of you during this weird time for the world. Remember that it is okay to be anxious and scared about this. Your feelings are valid and they matter. Respect one another and be extra kind to your neighbors. Don't overwhelm yourself with the media on the virus, and remember to think positive.

Additionally, if you're struggling with anxiety and depression, here are some resources and tips from the experts. Take care of yourself. You matter.

We're in this together.

Wash your hands and be safe friends.


Unapologetically Rachael

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