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National 988 Crisis and Suicide Lifeline

Hello friends!!!

I decided to write this blog because of how important I think this new 3-digit number is and how more people need to know it exists!!!

The 988 lifeline hotline went into effect July 16th and made it to where when you simply call or text 988 to get connected to crisis clinicians in your area. Your call is routed based on your phone's area code, but don't worry you can ask to be transferred to your area's lifeline.

Each state's crisis services look differently and it is worth giving a call to find out or a quick google search.

Some of these services may include in-the-moment emotional support, mobile crisis, follow-up programs, walk-in clinics, safety planning, and community resources.

Since I live in Colorado, I can tell you a bit about the services our 988 offers and encourage you to research your state's services. 988 Lifeline has a decent website to find resources in your community:

Mobile crisis is where the crisis clinician dispatches two mental health clinicians usually without police involved (depending on county, ask when calling) to where you are in the community to provide in-person support, community resources, safety, and next-step planning.

Follow-up programs are there to provide ongoing support for callers needing additional support with special programs geared toward substance use,veterans and more. Follow-up programs are meant to help empower the caller by providing support for a period of time and creating goals to work towards with each call.

In the state of Colorado, most regions have mental health walk in clinics that you can utilize for free (resources given could be $$, but some have free resources). Mental health walk in clinics are meant to provide in person support,access to community resources, and next step planning. Some regions have crisis stabilization units designed to help someone thru an acute mental health crisis for a specified time.

Safety planning is meant to provide someone with a plan to keep themselves safe including coping skills, people to reach out to, places to go and anything else to help maintain that's individuals safety.

Community resources can vary from substance use treatment centers, food banks, counseling, support groups and more things related to basic needs, mental health, special populations, and substance use.

Emotional support is what the hotline is all about. Sometimes we all need someone to just listen to us and validate our feelings. Sometimes we just need to vent. Sometimes we just need sometime to sit in it with us. We all need support soemtimes.

Again, this is what I know about the Colorado 988 line. Other states may offer similar services and resources. 988 Lifeline's website has a good tool to connecting to local resources:

Alternatively and are good websites to get connected to mental health resources in your zip code. www.find is a good one for substance use resources in your zip.

I recommend doing a google search of "your state 988 crisis hotline services" or "your state's mental health services". You can also simply dial or text 988 and just ask! A crisis clinician would be happy to help.

Some states also have peer lines where you can talk to a peer support specialist. Peers focus more on mutuality and relate from their own personal experience with mental health and substance use. I found a master list from the National Alliance on Mental Illness for peer lines to call if you need support:

The new NATIONAL suicide and crisis hotline is all about improving mental health support and providing more FREE confidential telephonic support for individuals experiencing a mental health or substance use issue.

Please don't hesitate to reach out for support. We all need someone to lean on from time to time. We are all just walking one another home.

Please reach out to me if you have any questions or anything. I'm happy to chat with y'all!

Thanks for reading you amazing, beautiful people!!

Remember, it's okay to need help and support.


Till next time my lovely readers.:.


Unapologetically Rachael

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