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The best side hustles to make some extra cash

Hello lovely friends! Today I am going to be sharing with you some of the best ways to make some extra money on the side. I am definitely a person who needs a side hustle here and there so I thought I would share with y'all what has worked for me!

Shopping for Instacart has been one of my favorite ways to make some extra money. It allows you to go online whenever you want (no scheduling required) and you have the option to choose which baches you take! I find that I average about 20$ an hour when I do Instacart. You can easily make $100 in one day. It is best to go to busy cities to get the best baches. For example, I live in Denver and that is a popping city, but you can also accept batches in the neighboring towns when they are more busy. Instacart also shows you how any items for each batch as well as if it is one order or multiple orders. It also shows you the mileage and how far each drop off location is from the store you will be shopping at. I have found this to be very helpful and helps me better pick batches that are better sutied for me. The more you do Instacart, the better batches you get offered. It also helps to go to busy stores and sit there to wait for batches. They have "hot spots" that will guarantee a batch within 5-15mins. If you decide to sign up for Instacart, you can use my referral code to get some extra money, my code is rachaelj751b2.

Similarly, Shipt is another shopping service and I have dabbled with it. I have found that you make more money doing Instacart, but I have heard from other Shipt shoppers that you can make bank doing Shipt too. I think it comes down to the area you are in and what is more popular in that area. It works similarly to Instacart, except you have to schedule yourself for atleast an hour, but you get to choose what orders you accept. It gives you an estimated time of how long it will take to complete, the items you are shopping for, and a estimated drive time. I usually keep both apps open and take whatever offer is best available (for me it's usually Instacart). If you decide to sign up for Shipt, you can use my referral code to get some extra money, my code is 5U1-YE-2C9.

Next up is Doordash and Uber Eats! Both platforms are food delivery services and even grocery pick up at some stores. I find the best time to do these apps are when it is peak time and they offer bonsues. I used to do Uber Eats, but found that Doordash paid better so I haven't done Uber Eats in awhile. I know the two apps work very simiarly, but you do

have to schedule yourself unless it is busy then you can just hop online. You also are offered orders and if you either have to accept or decline them. I have been turning on doordash along with Instacart and Shipt, but find that the money is not worth the distance. However, you can make pretty decent money when it is popping and busy especially on the weekends. These services are great when you can't do as much labor work like shopping for people since there is less carrying heavy items and such.

Instawork is a pretty cool app where you can sign up for various different jobs that need additional help. For example, if the art muesuem downtown has an event, they will post event serving jobs to help get more staff to work the event or similary working concessions at a pro football game. Most of the times these gigs are one day you choose to work unless it says multi-day gig. This is helpful to make some extra money without commiting to a second job. This allows you to also get more work experience in many different jobs. Some jobs require you speaking with an advisor first, but they are super helpful and want to help you get more gigs.

Have some stuff you don't want anymore or don't use? Facebook Marketplace is a great place to sell those things and make some cash. This can be anything from old clothes you don't wear to concert tickets you no long want. They have

other apps where you can sell items too like Nextdoor and Offer Up (formaly Let Go). All of these sites are great places to sell things you no longer need or even sell things you create like custom mirrors or a side table you refinsihed. Make sure you include all needed information about what you're selling and take pictures of the said item. It is helpful to stage the photo to look nice and professional to get more offerrs.

Another way to make extra money is to babysit, dog sit, and elderly care. is a great site to help you make a profile to find a babysitting gig, dog sitting, or even helping the elderly. The website helps you find listings to apply for and match with families that need help. You can set your availability for families to see and basically create a babysitting resume on their site. I have used this in the past for casual date night outs and have secured full time nanny work.

Rover is a animal sitting and walking app where you can get paid to watch animals or check in and walk them. There is a $35 profile review fee when you sign up to be a pet sitter for them. I don't personally use this app to make extra money, but I have a friend that does and they have told me when you get a lot of bookings you can make $500+. They had a whole bunch of gigs booked and were expecting a $700-$800 payout after completing them all.

This concludes my list of the BEST side hustles to make some extra money. I have tried those sites where they say they will pay you for surveys, but never found a lot of success with those.

I think it can also be helpful to have apps like Upside and Ibotta to get cash back and other rewards. Upside gives you cashback for gas, groceries, and other places. Ibotta is a place to upload reciepts from shopping trips and earn cash back on items.

Anyways, I hope this blog post helps you make some extra cash. I find these side hustles to be great ways to make cash and love that most of them are work when YOU want!! If any of you have a side hustle that you find is very helpful, let me know about it!! I would love to connect with any of you :)

Until next time my lovely readers...


Unapologetically Rachael

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