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An Open Letter to My Ex Bestfriend

Dear ex-best friend,

It has been a while since we last spoke...

I am sure things look quite different in your life since we last spoke and I hope that means life has brought you good things.

We used to be so close like two peas in a pod. We would tell each other every thought that crossed our minds and giggle about how insane we sounded.

We did so many fun, enlightening things together and made memories I will hold close to me forever.

We smiled, laughed, and cried together. Back then I could go to you with anything and I knew you would never judge me, but instead love me.

You saw me in my worst moments and stood by me through them,

Until you didn't.

I still feel my heart ache when I think about the death of our friendship.

How we went from talking every day to never talking again.

How you stopped being the person I went to when shit hit the fan.

It breaks my heart to think about the day we became strangers to one another.

You betrayed me.

You decided that I was not someone you wanted around anymore and that hurt me.

It cut deep.

I felt abandoned by you, discarded like I was trash.

I know I wasn't a perfect best friend and I had my faults throughout our friendship. I made mistakes and did things that weren't right.

But I never would've left you like you left me.

It was you who turned away from me and decided our friendship wasn't worth fighting for when things got tough...

I loved you and I tried to fight for us, but you had made up your mind about our future.

I do not hold any grudges against you for ending our friendship, and I extend my forgiveness to you.

People grow up and grow apart. Such is life...

I guess a part of me never believed that would happen to us. I thought you would be standing next to me on my wedding day. I always thought we would be together in the end and it still makes me sad that isn't reality.

I only have well wishes for you.

I envision you making strides towards all the goals and dreams we used to discuss, wherever you may be in the world.

I hope you wake up happy and go to bed even happier. I hope life feels easy and right. I only ever wanted you to be happy and safe. I still want that.

Our friendship came with its ups and downs, but I will choose to remember the good parts.

I want to remember all the times you understood me when no one else did.

All the times you listened when no one else cared to.

Every smile and laugh we shared will be forever engrained in my mind.

I look back on our friendship and see two people who loved one another the best they knew how.

Without your friendship, I wouldn't be the person I am today. Thank you for being a part of my journey and know I will forever be grateful that you were.

Yours sincerely,

Unapologetically Rachael

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