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Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Hi friends! I hope everyone is taking very good care of themselves during this heavy time in our world.

Let us get straight to it. BLACK LIVES MATTER. I’m tired of seeing the argument that all lives matters.. it’s very condescending to say. Please don’t say it.

Let‘s look at it like this.

A bunch of houses are on fire. All the houses matter, but the one on fire needs to be tended to right now and NEEDS to matter more right now. You wouldn’t have the firemen go to all the houses NOT on fire, but rather they all need to go to the one ON fire. Think of it this way, black people are on fire right now and we all need to go help put the fire out.

That’s why you gotta stop saying it as a defense. It’s hurtful. Stop.

Be happy you don’t need a movement to know your lives are meaningful. If you’re not black, please don’t act like you understand what black people go thru. You can’t. You will NEVER be able to understand.


You can make a difference.

You can be an ally. You can support in numerous ways. You can encourage. You can LOVE.

PLEASE be an ally. Please be there for black people. Please let them know you love them. Give them a hug. Send them a gift or a card. Let them know you stand with them.

It’s so important that we stand, speak and call for a change. Things have to change. WE MUST DO BETTER.

I will admit that I have fallen victim to the bystander effect and I would stay quiet when things like this happened. BUT I WILL NOT BE SILENT ANYMORE.

I don’t want to live in a world where my black brothers and sisters are not cherished, valued, and celebrated. I want to change the narrative. I have a voice and influence in this world. I want to speak out. I want to change the world.

You can say that your voice doesn’t matter, but the fact is that’s untrue. You talk to people every day and people LISTEN. Use your voice to stop racism and end police brutality. We must come together and fight as one country to end this. We MUST stand as one.

There is strength in numbers and we must band together for this. It should be a common cause we’re ALL fighting for.

Black lives matter friends. Let’s show them that they do. Tell a black person that you stand with them when you’re checking them out at work or see one when you’re walking.

They are human and they need to know that they are loved and wanted in this world. Tell them.

Also, correct your family when they say racist things or have racist attitudes. It starts at your own kitchen table. Make a difference, don’t be silent anymore.

I’m gonna wrap this up because it’s not about me. I wrote this post to speak out against racial injustices and police brutality.

We as a society MUST do better.

The first parade was a riot. Please remember that. These people are hurting. They are angry. Don’t judge them, please just love them.

and don’t be a racist piece of shit.

I’m sending all my love to everyone right now and calling for a change. I need you to help me. Please let’s make a world with no racism and only love.

all my love,


Unapologetically Rachael

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