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15 Things I learned moving from Denton, TX to Denver, CO

Hi friends!!! On April 30th, 2021 I made the huge move from Texas to Colorado. I say move here, but I've been *jokingly* telling people I ran away to the wild west from Texas. However, my move to Colorado was a very eventful messy, but memorable couple of days in all of my short twenty-two years. From roadside assistance calls before even pulling out of the driveway to me ending up in the ER from a vomiting episode, it was quite a big learning lesson for me. I like to keep it real with you guys and share what I've learned from my own mistakes on this journey we call let's begin!

1.The number one lesson I learned about moving almost 800 miles away from home is to still heed the advice of your dear ole parents or those closest to you. Both my parents urged me to split my trip up into two days instead of driving straight thru. I thought I was a young, invincible human of course, and didn't listen. With knowing my health issues, I should've definitely should've split the trip into two days. Get what happened next...

2. Always get a good night's rest before traveling far across state lines. Shortly after starting our journey to Denver, we had to pull over at a rest stop to sleep before going on. It's important to take care of your body and allow rest to take place before having to be awake and alert all day.

3.Be organized when you move and take ample enough time off from work to get ready. I am definitely the person who thought she could do it all in a short amount of time, wrong!

4.Altitude sickness is no joke and any time you go somewhere above sea level make sure to drink lots of water!! I got pretty lightheaded on some of my first walks.

5.Unpack a little more every day. By this I mean to start out strong and just keeping unpacking a little more each day until it's all gone. I have so much stuff this has helped me get thru boxes.

6.Take time to drive around your new city to get to know the area. I even do DoorDash and Instacart to get to know neighborhoods and get paid!

7.Ask locals about must-do's in the city! I've added lots to my Colorado bucket list this way and it helps you feel the vibe of the city.

8.Changing your environment can do wonders for you. I was really sad and uninspired when I was living in Texas. I felt like I had done what I needed to do there and I didn't fit in anymore. Being in a new place has been so good for my mental health and I am so inspired by what's all around me.

9.Walk around in your city...downtown, one of many parks, your neighborhood. This also helps you discover your city and the overall tone of the town.

10.Join Facebook groups or community groups where you can meet people and find out about events. I joined a whole bunch and it's helped me make friends and find things to do!

11. Take time every day to be outside. Being in nature more helps me feel motivated and want to be active.

12. Listen to your inner voice and instincts. Making this life-altering decision was met with lots of backlash from the people I love most, but I knew in my heart this was my next step.

13.Be patient during the settling in part of moving. It takes time to get used to a whole new city let alone a whole new state! I've been doing lots of exploring!

14.Be gentle with yourself. You may not have a whole bunch of victories in your first couple of weeks. Take care of yourself and keep trying.

15.Lastly, NEVER apologize for following your dreams. You only get one life and it's yours to live how you please. It's never too late to start living out your dreams. Take a chance on yourself!

These are my thoughts and what I've learned in this past month of my life. I hope something resonates with you and helps you on your own personal journey. Take care of yourselves, be kind, find the good in every day and be unapologetically who you are.

all my love,

Unapologetically Rachael

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