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First Kiss

It was slowly, then all at once.

Our lips met with no hurry to leave. It was sweet like Sunday mornings nestled in bed. Passion making our tongues dance together as the kiss came to life. My body naturally moving into the open space he left. It was almost like a puzzle piece finding its match. My body acted on its own and I was hypnotized by him...but I think I was okay with that. Passion became desperation for one another's touch as he grasped my hair in his fingers, pulling me to him. He began to kiss down my neck gently,but with purpose as he made his way back to my lips. Kissing him was such an unexplainable feeling that I couldn't put it into words. The fire I had for him was fed as he touched me igniting places I never knew could catch fire. All I could think about was never stopping this feeling and kissing him on days end. He made me feel alive in a way I never thought I would...but that's what scared me.

It ended as it began...slowly, then all at once.

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